The LutherNole Network is an alumni network for Lutheran alumni of Florida  State University.  The purpose of the LutherNole Network is to connect  Lutheran “Noles” together for the purpose of strengthening the Body of  Christ.  The LutherNole network seeks to fulfill this purpose through  developing an international network of Lutheran alumni, which is  intentional about connecting current alumni with:

A. Recent alumni, especially those who are moving into geographical  proximity with other alumni

B. Soon-to-be alumni (current FSU students) who are seeking guidance and  mentorship from faith-filled FSU alumni

Consider this story: Andrea moved to Atlanta after finishing her undergraduate degree at FSU. She was a proud ‘Nole who had a great experience of faith at University  Lutheran in Tallahassee, but found herself unsure about where she might  engage with a local church.  She called back to University Lutheran in  Tallahassee and asked the pastor where she might go to church.  The pastor knew that Jim, an alumni from ’79 who had identified himself earlier in  the football season, lived in Atlanta.  Soon the pastor connected Jim and Andrea, who went out to lunch one day.  The next Sunday, Jim and his wife picked Andrea up for church and introduced her to all sorts of people at  their local church. Now imagine that you are Jim. Imagine that you are Andrea. What kind of a difference would this network’s connection make in your life?  What difference would it make in your local church?  The LutherNole Network will make this kind of a difference.

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