Welcome! The LutherNole Network is an alumni network for the Lutheran alumni of Florida State University. If that’s you, we’re glad that you’ve found us! The LutherNole network does two things: It connects young graduating LutherNoles with people in the cities and towns that they are moving to, and it connects current Lutheran FSU students to those who are already working in the vocations they are planning on going into. We do all of this because we believe that the connections within the Body of Christ are important.

If you haven’t already identified yourself as a “LutherNole” please do so by using the “I’m a LutherNole” form and send us your information. If you have any other questions, please contact the LutherNole Network Administrator, matt@universitylutheranchurch.org .

God’s richest blessings to you!

in Christ,
Pastor Jay Winters
University Lutheran – Tallahassee FL

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  1. I enrolled at F S U in 78 and was attending the church when the building was constructed. I helped install the stained glass window. I still reside in Tallahassee and work for Flagler College at T C C and U S F. My field is special education.

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