Help us grow by 70 LutherNoles next year!

2015 was the year that we started the LutherNole Network. Getting
the website launched and identifying recent alumni proved a challenging
task – but we did it! Looking forward into 2016, we are looking to grow
the LutherNole Network by adding 70 newly identified LutherNoles. And we
need your help!

As a LutherNole yourself, you surely know the names and many times contact
information for many other LutherNoles. Think about who was around when
you were around. Who was there listening to Pastor Hingst, or Heintzen, or
Bachman, or Dohrman, or Winters? Do you have a phone number for them? an
email address? a mailing address? even a social media link?

We want to gather information for LutherNoles throughout the country in
order to fulfill our vision of creating a Network of LutherNoles that help
one another as the deployed body of Christ. We want to have information
for LutherNoles that might be in cities that our recent alumni are going
to find themselves in so that we can help their transitions. We want to
have information on what our LutherNoles are doing right now in their
vocations so that we can connect them to current students who may be
looking for a mentor.

There are essentially two kinds of LutherNoles:
1. The person who was a student at FSU and who went to University Lutheran
during their time here.
2. The person who was a student at FSU, who may not have gone to
University Lutheran then, but now is a part of a Lutheran church.

If you know someone like this, please let us know by emailing

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  1. I would like to join.I graduated n 1974 with an M.F.A. in fine arts. I have been a Lutheran practically all my life. I’m a member of Faith “Viera” Lutheran Church in Rockledge, Fl. 32955

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