Make that gift count

Everyone is getting ready for the new year, including here at University Lutheran and FSU.
Here at the LutherNole Network, we would ask that you would consider
giving a year-end gift to University Lutheran.
University Lutheran has several new and exciting programs that we are
looking to fund in 2016.

Among them are a devotional tool based on the lectionary (the Sunday
readings) that could be used by people at FSU, our “deployed” LutherNoles,
and throughout the country. We’re looking at the possibilities of
podcasting, videos, and even a possible quarterly slick magazine format.

We are additionally looking into a new avenue for ministry that we are
calling “Locals”. Locals will be small groups of University Lutherans who
get together on campus and in our city of Tallahassee. These small groups
will not only share what Christ is doing in their individual lives, but
will seek out some practical good that they can do in the local area that
they meet in. We hope to have at least three Locals up and running this

As mentioned in an earlier article, we are seeking to find more
LutherNoles so that we might be able to do more with this group and help
our alumni help one another. We are seeking to go from just over 30
LutherNoles to at least 100 LutherNoles by this time next year.

Lastly, we are doing a Mission Sustainability and Growth study at
University Lutheran that could lead to some exciting things – including
bring food trucks to the University Lutheran parking lot so that we can
develop a “meeting space” for our neighborhood and much much more.

All of this, of course, takes funding. We ask that during this season of
gifting that you remember University Lutheran. You can always send a check
to 925 W. Jefferson St, Tallahassee FL 32304 – or you can give online at

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