Spring LutherNoles heading out

Spring graduation is sending three new LutherNoles out into the world:
Anna Farley, Evan Rau, and Caroline Tesch.

Anna Farley completed her graduate degree in vocal performance and was our
choir director for the past two years. She is currently looking for where life will take her next – including looking for job opportunities in
higher education teaching music, as well as auditioning for a variety of
operas and such. If you know someone who might be helpful to Anna as she
looks for these jobs, please let us know.

Evan Rau completed both his bachelors and masters degrees at FSU, acting
as a student leader in the “Campus Disciples” leadership program, and
being “Pro-Usher” — a title we’re pretty sure that he gave himself, but
we appreciate his ready willingness to be usher for a worship service at a
moment’s notice. Evan is going to be looking for a job in the GIS-mapping and related
fields. If you know of someone who is seeking skills like Evan’s, please
let us know so that we can connect you with him. Evan is also moving back
home to do his job hunting, and so we ask that you might let us know if
you know any LutherNoles in the West Virginia area.

Caroline Tesch completed her bachelors degree at FSU, serving this past
year as the president of our Lutheran Student Fellowship group. She is
graduating with a double major in art and psychology. Caroline is looking
into graduate school for Art Therapy. If you have any advice or work in
this vocation, please let us know so that we can connect you with her.
As always, we’re always looking for people of all sorts of vocations that
would be interested in being mentors either in a general way to one of our
undergraduate students, or mentoring someone in a specific vocation. If
you would like to hear more about this, please email

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