New LutherNoles Graduate

It’s summer in Tallahassee which means that graduation is in the air. This May, University Lutheran roasted several new LutherNoles into existence. Our new alumni are going all sorts of places with all kinds of degrees: Edson had been
going to medical school here at FSU, but is moving down to Orlando to do his residency. Anna is graduating with her masters in vocal performance, and is figuring out her next move. Evan graduated with his undergraduate degree and is moving on to a graduate degree in Geography here at Florida State and remains with us here in Tallahassee. Caroline also graduated with her undergraduate degree in Art Therapy, and is looking at graduate schools. Justin graduated with a masters in meteorology and is looking for jobs and where he might move. The diversity of majors and places that these LutherNoles are headed to reminds us of the mission statement of the LutherNole Network: “The LutherNole Network seeks to make connections between Lutheran ‘Nole alumni, and graduating students heading out into the real world. Through this we seek to strengthen the spiritual connections in the Body of Christ of our FSU family.” If you have any connection with these most recent LutherNoles, either if you live in a city where they are headed to, or if you are involved in their vocation/field of study. Please let us know so that we can connect you with them, so that we can make these great connections within the Body of Christ. If you yourself have not signed up for the LutherNole Network, you can do so right from this website – just click on “I’m a LutherNole” above.

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