Impact on a Leader

As alumni of University Lutheran, you probably have some fond memories of good friends, good food, and good connections with God. But, you might ask, how is University Lutheran still impacting students’ lives today? We’re going to take you into the lives of some current students so you can hear it in their own words.

Today I talked with Zoe Stapleton, a junior at Florida State studying physical science. Zoe has been involved with University Lutheran since she arrived in Tallahassee three years ago; she particularly enjoys participating in Sunday morning services and Wednesday evening Vespers study. This year, she has had the opportunity to be involved in a new way: leadership.

University Lutheran has given her the chance to grow in her gifts, Zoe says. “I think one of my gifts is leadership by example, so it’s given me a safe, comfortable place to gradually grow and become a better leader.” She distinguishes University Lutheran from other places that are more demanding of her gifts. “Rather than forcing me to do anything, it’s given me a choice to grow or not.”

This growth has been encouraged and supported by others. Zoe explains that at University Lutheran, “I see a genuine love of Jesus and concern for everyone else.” In addition, “They seem very trustworthy. I can feel confident that I can trust them with issues that I’m going through. And that’s for both the older generation and my generation.”

Although Zoe’s first comment during our interview was about the food – when asked what gifts University Lutheran has given her, she immediately replied, “A hot meal every Wednesday!” – it’s clear that there is more to her association than that. She went on to say, and I will end with this, that University Lutheran is “a place that’s mine, that reminds me of home.”

by Mary Rowley, Campus Missionary at University Lutheran

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