Impact on a Freshman

As alumni of University Lutheran, you probably have some fond memories of good friends, good food, and good connections with God. But, you might ask, how is University Lutheran still impacting students’ lives today? We’re going to take you into the lives of some current students so you can hear it in their own words.

Today I caught up with Emma Kate Tesch, a freshman at Florida State studying exercise science. Her older sister Caroline came to Florida State three years ago, and when Emma Kate started this year, Caroline introduced her to University Lutheran at the first opportunity. Emma Kate has enjoyed being a part of our campus ministry. She regularly attends Sunday morning worship, a Monday evening Bible study led by her sister, Wednesday night Vespers study, and various weekend retreats.

Emma Kate has particularly connected with +Vespers+. This year, we have gone through LifeShapes, a curriculum that uses shapes to encourage spiritual conversation. She explains, “The shapes teach you to channel your gifts, and how you can use them in your everyday life.”

One of the shapes, Pentagon, is a tool to help identify your gifting in one of five areas. Emma Kate says that this shape has helped her recognize gifts in other people at University Lutheran. “You see people like Zoe, who is very outgoing, and Keriann, who is willing to take charge. Then there are the people with pastor gifts who are very caring. I see all kinds of people and how they are fulfilling the gifts that God has given them.”

Emma Kate is grateful for University Lutheran. “It’s a place to go where I’m surrounded by people with my same beliefs – somewhere that feels like home,” she says. University Lutheran is starting to impact her life just as all of you remember it impacting yours.

by Mary Rowley, Campus Missionary at University Lutheran

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